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Improved financial output

Otto Bock Orthopedic Services, LLC is a national durable medical equipment company receiving referral orders from healthcare institutions and then coordinating with national health insurance companies for billing purposes. It is a multi-product, multi-billing, and multi-location business structure. We needed someone to understand the details of our business, then help us identify and concentrate on our core products and processes. Walter Simson and his team from Ventor Consulting developed a financial model based on actual performance which could project business changes into the future. He then worked with each of our tenured business leaders to gain their varying, yet comprehensive insights on changes that could be made to cause a positive refocus of our efforts. Through this process, and his ‘Ask, not tell!’ orientation, he helped us create ten pillars for a new business structure and operations plan. As a result, Otto Bock Orthopedic Services, LLC is now making good progress on many of the pillars and starting to experience the resulting improved financial output.

Peter Donovan, Director of General Operations
Tempe, AZ

November 4, 2013

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Walter Simson is experienced as both a CEO and CFO in successful startups and turnaround companies. In addition, as the principal of his own firm, he has consulted at senior levels to companies in industry, financial services and biotechnology.

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