Leo Liu, MD

Leo Liu, MD

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Interim Management

“Walter played a pivotal role as an interim CFO in steering our company towards a more sustainable operating course by developing a profitable service business and other forms of non-dilutive funding. He also helped me to recruit an outstanding group of business advisors and board directors, and mentored both me and his full-time successors.

“Through the years, Walter’s imparted experience in everything from finance and operations to investor relations have been instrumental in our company’s progress. He listens carefully and delivers advice with both candor and humor, allowing him to maintain warm and cordial relationships even through the most trying of business circumstances…”

Leo Liu, MD
Cambria Pharmaceuticals Inc.

April 11, 2015

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Walter Simson is experienced as both a CEO and CFO in successful startups and turnaround companies. In addition, as the principal of his own firm, he has consulted at senior levels to companies in industry, financial services and biotechnology.

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