E. Bulkeley Griswold

E. Bulkeley Griswold

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The “Additional Partner” to a VC Firm

“Walter stepped in as an “additional partner” in our venture fund. One of our portfolio holdings was in need of a complete operational review. His firm not only helped management focus on its strategic goals, but also analyzed areas such as factory scheduling and material components to understand the product cost issues. They advocated and implemented a computer package which resulted in significant administrative savings and assured us timely financial information. Their understanding of the company was evident in the production of detailed financial projections that were used to support an important financing effort.”

E. Bulkeley Griswold
MarketCorp Ventures, L.P.

April 11, 2015

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Walter Simson is experienced as both a CEO and CFO in successful startups and turnaround companies. In addition, as the principal of his own firm, he has consulted at senior levels to companies in industry, financial services and biotechnology.

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