David Boyer and Joan McNulty

David Boyer and Joan McNulty

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Sharp focus on important leverage points

“We needed to do an honest assessment of our current products, customer contributions, and manufacturing practices that were keeping us ‘stuck’ at the bottom of an economic slump.  We also needed to understand the culture and commercial practices that created our situation, and a plan to create positive cash flow and profits.”

“With extensive data analysis and honest interviews, Walter was able to quickly assess and describe both the current situation and the opportunities in key areas that, with proper goals and changes to our operations, could lead to a turn around in our financial results.  The crucial input was Walter’s ability to create sharp focus on important leverage points, and to describe them in ways that called for action.  The plan we created with Walter has helped us to ‘turn the ship’ much more rapidly and to make the changes that are empowering an entire team to achieve better results.”

David Boyer and Joan McNulty
MCD, Inc.

April 11, 2015

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Walter Simson is experienced as both a CEO and CFO in successful startups and turnaround companies. In addition, as the principal of his own firm, he has consulted at senior levels to companies in industry, financial services and biotechnology.

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