Walter Simson


Walter Simson is a coach and consultant to CEO’s of middle market and emerging companies.  Walter’s expertise is in helping CEO’s to quickly analyze and thoughtfully implement the strategic, financial and operating plans that improve companies’ revenues, efficiencies and profitability.  He also helps clients build powerful organizations, create effective teams, and ensure ongoing accountability at every level.  This fosters confidence in the CEO as a leader.

His coaching is grounded in his turnaround expertise, which puts a premium on getting the strategy right and developing leaders at all levels.

Walter’s profit improvement strategy is called “Core Products/Core Customers,” a proprietary method that links direct costing, strategic imperatives and business process improvements to lead clients to profitability.

He started his career at the Chase Manhattan Bank, where he worked in investment banking, syndications and workouts.  He managed the 1982 rescheduling of the $32 billion debt of the Republic of Venezuela, where he served as co-chair of the creditor’s committee.

Walter holds a BA from Columbia University and an MBA from New York University.  He has lectured in turnarounds and venture capital at Columbia, NYU and UW-Madison graduate Business Schools.