The Agency

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Do you remember a spy thriller from thirty years ago called The Company? It was about a band of cutthroats who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency but thought it was cooler to call it a company. Today we have a band of cutthroats who work for the consulting companies that rate securities, but think […]

Wagoner the DIP

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Following the departure of Rick Wagoner this week, many commentators were deriding President Barack Obama’s having micro managed GM. Even Saturday Night Live showed a skit where Obama is deciding the fate of competing manufacturers of cars…of lawn mowers…of plastic joke vomit. This view was funnier than, but tracked closely, the majority opinion. What does […]

Blue Collar Nation

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*Warning. True Story.** Well, the other day I awoke to find that the hockeymobile–an otherwise faithful companion and servant–had developed a flat tire during the night. I called AAA to see if they could provide some quick service and save my appointments for the day. They could. They sent a truck within twenty minutes, and […]

Venezuela and AIG

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Today the house has approved the retroactive tax on bonuses paid to highly-compensated individuals in companies that have gotten government stimulus money.   I understand that there are possible issues on constitutionality in such a bill, as it appears to approach “legislative punishment.”  (see for a layman’s view of the actual bill and its tests.) My […]

This Just in–My Son the Exchange Student

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My son Chip is in Germany.  His videos are filed under WASCAS15.   Here is a short tour of the Bavarian Volksfest.  Another is “Herbst, ” and it  is one of my favorites. Nothing to do with turnarounds…

Take the Temporary Tag Challenge

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So is it possible to turn around a car dealership? No one is buying cars now, are they? If no one is buying cars, how can a dealership survive? I suggest you take the challenge I’ve laid down to others: while you are driving in your own vehicle, look for signs of newly-sold cars. In […]

How to Turn Around a Car Dealership

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Steve Niswander is a remarkable guy:  young, excited about ideas and, in addition to being a great thinker, a doer.  He does things differently, and he gets things done.  And he has chosen a curious field to operate in.  Steve is a car dealer.  A successful one.  (Note that this is being written as the heads […]

“We are what we repeatedly do…”

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Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” So says Aristotle.  In the question of how to manage a turnaround, many people who are currently dealing with troubled businesses do not have a lifetime of practice–of the habits–of managing a turnaround.  So this blog is written by one who does have that near-lifetime of […]

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