Paul Schlagenhauf

Welcoming and Professional Nature

Walter provided an independent financial and operational review of our companies, along with a list of relevant suggestions which we have implemented over the years.  His welcoming and professional nature allowed him to interview employees in a non-threatening manner.  He has remained both a colleague and a friend.


Badger Trucks, Milwaukee WI

Tom Peczerski

“An Awesome Business Coach!”

“Walter is a great listener, knows how to cut to the chase and tailored his approach to our specific needs. That sets him apart… ”

Tom Peczerski
CEO, PowerDesigners

David Boyer and Joan McNulty

Sharp focus on important leverage points

“We needed to do an honest assessment of our current products, customer contributions, and manufacturing practices that were keeping us ‘stuck’ at the bottom of an economic slump.  We also needed to understand the culture and commercial practices that created our situation, and a plan to create positive cash flow and profits.”

“With extensive data analysis and honest interviews, Walter was able to quickly assess and describe both the current situation and the opportunities in key areas that, with proper goals and changes to our operations, could lead to a turn around in our financial results.  The crucial input was Walter’s ability to create sharp focus on important leverage points, and to describe them in ways that called for action.  The plan we created with Walter has helped us to ‘turn the ship’ much more rapidly and to make the changes that are empowering an entire team to achieve better results.”

David Boyer and Joan McNulty
MCD, Inc.

Paul Craig

“Razor Sharp” Analysis

(As Walter Simson & Associates, Inc.)

“Walter Simson and Associates has helped us to evaluate investment opportunities, and has steered us clear of several potential mistakes. They are razor sharp on how things really work in a company, and have helped us to make new management a success. Above all, there is a sensitivity to people issues…”

Paul Craig
Riverside Partners, Inc.

E. Bulkeley Griswold

The “Additional Partner” to a VC Firm

“Walter stepped in as an “additional partner” in our venture fund. One of our portfolio holdings was in need of a complete operational review. His firm not only helped management focus on its strategic goals, but also analyzed areas such as factory scheduling and material components to understand the product cost issues. They advocated and implemented a computer package which resulted in significant administrative savings and assured us timely financial information. Their understanding of the company was evident in the production of detailed financial projections that were used to support an important financing effort.”

E. Bulkeley Griswold
MarketCorp Ventures, L.P.

Leo Liu, MD

Interim Management

“Walter played a pivotal role as an interim CFO in steering our company towards a more sustainable operating course by developing a profitable service business and other forms of non-dilutive funding. He also helped me to recruit an outstanding group of business advisors and board directors, and mentored both me and his full-time successors.

“Through the years, Walter’s imparted experience in everything from finance and operations to investor relations have been instrumental in our company’s progress. He listens carefully and delivers advice with both candor and humor, allowing him to maintain warm and cordial relationships even through the most trying of business circumstances…”

Leo Liu, MD
Cambria Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Dean Statz

Dramatic Turnaround

“Our family has had a long-time passive investment in an equipment distributor.  When operations continued to struggle at the dealership we took action by engaging the turnaround services of Ventor, LLC.  Ventor diagnosed the operating and financial situation quickly, and constructed an operational plan containing specific action steps with time frames.  Ventor then quarterbacked astute negotiations with the company’s lenders providing the company with the opportunity to execute the plan.  With the involvement of Ventor’s continued oversight the company has shown a dramatic turnaround resulting in increased profitability and decreased leverage.

“Hardworking, detail-oriented and very persistent,  Ventor is highly recommended.”

Dean Statz
Carl F. Statz & Sons

Brad Gorsuch


“Walter was instrumental in helping us repair our relationship with our bank and returning us to profitability. We especially appreciated his contribution at the revenue end, where he also provided the analysis and encouragement to get us improved returns on our sales efforts.

Brad Gorsuch, Chief Financial Officer
BoyerTrucks, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Peter Donovan

Improved financial output

Otto Bock Orthopedic Services, LLC is a national durable medical equipment company receiving referral orders from healthcare institutions and then coordinating with national health insurance companies for billing purposes. It is a multi-product, multi-billing, and multi-location business structure. We needed someone to understand the details of our business, then help us identify and concentrate on our core products and processes. Walter Simson and his team from Ventor Consulting developed a financial model based on actual performance which could project business changes into the future. He then worked with each of our tenured business leaders to gain their varying, yet comprehensive insights on changes that could be made to cause a positive refocus of our efforts. Through this process, and his ‘Ask, not tell!’ orientation, he helped us create ten pillars for a new business structure and operations plan. As a result, Otto Bock Orthopedic Services, LLC is now making good progress on many of the pillars and starting to experience the resulting improved financial output.

Peter Donovan, Director of General Operations
Tempe, AZ