Weakly Specials

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I recently argued that auto dealers need to reconfigure their marketing to be delivery points for an active direct marketing and Internet business. Dealers also need to reduce their financial risk profile. It is not as if the car companies have made it easy for them. As a matter of fact, the car companies are […]

Let’s Make a Dealership

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We know the problems of auto dealers (and their lesser-known big brothers, truck dealerships) all too well. Low sales, collapse of financing markets and a seemingly inexplicable urge of car companies to decrease, rather than increase, the number of dealers’ outlets. These are the problems that have hit the news, but a vibrant auto dealership […]

Take the Temporary Tag Challenge

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So is it possible to turn around a car dealership? No one is buying cars now, are they? If no one is buying cars, how can a dealership survive? I suggest you take the challenge I’ve laid down to others: while you are driving in your own vehicle, look for signs of newly-sold cars. In […]

How to Turn Around a Car Dealership

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Steve Niswander is a remarkable guy:  young, excited about ideas and, in addition to being a great thinker, a doer.  He does things differently, and he gets things done.  And he has chosen a curious field to operate in.  Steve is a car dealer.  A successful one.  (Note that this is being written as the heads […]